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Portland-based photographer Jim Golden has been shooting photos for brands like Nike, ESPN, and Yahoo for over 15 years and has become a master of lighting who can shoot a picture of athletic footwear better than almost anyone. One day, a friend with a colossal collection of clippers asked Golden to give his scissors the same slick treatment as Air Jordans. Golden tried shooting the staggering stockpile of shears individually, but the results just didn’t cut it. No single pair of pinking shears or tin snips looked that impressive on its own, it was only in context of the entire collection that the subtle variations were revealed. “Then it dawned upon me to lay them out on the floor and photograph them from above,” says Golden. A series of images featuring quirky collections of camera gear, locks, and lawn decorations soon followed.

The project is a collaboration with stylist Kristin Lane and is an artistic escape from the cutthroat world of commercial photography. “This is a takedown from a tried and true merchandising technique,” says Golden. “It’s a very accessible for the viewer and allows for the combination of all types of different objects in one image.” The photos depict everyday objects, but the variety and volume of items in each print force the viewer to consider the minute differences between the products and the relationships between them.

(Source: Wired, via paxtonfearless)